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High security container seals

OneSeal - The preferred choice for a secure transportation

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High Secuirty Flexible Bolt Seal

Bolt Seal: 79-T06
Flexible container lock. The most popular lock for container sealing.
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  High Security Bolt seal solid pin

Bolt Seal: 79-SM
Solid pin bolt seals for containers, used for sealing of freight containers.
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  High Security Barrier Seal

Barrier: HP2000
High security seal, perfect lock for sealing of the containers barrier
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  TwoSeal High Security

Used with the bolt seal, TWOSEAL protects against seal manipulation.
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High Secuirty Cable Seal

CableSeal: PTW5.0
Container lock with flexible galvanized ideal for sealing containers.
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  OneSeal Cable Seal PTW 2.5

CableSeal: PTW2.5
The ideal cable seal to apply on all awkward sealing points.
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  OneSeal Cable Seal PT 1.5

CableSeal: PT1.5
The ideal cable seal for sealing money backs, classified mails etc.
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CableSeal: OK-4
Flexible heavy duty high security cable seal with fixed metal wire..
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