The DanEseal is the fusion of a state of the art mechanical seal and a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification technology) - ISO 17712:2013 COMPLIANT

  • Significant increase in inspection rate
  • Improve border security
  • Minimize container tampering and thefts
  • Increase correct collection of taxes and duties
  • The seal is in compliance with ISO 17712:2013 as a High Security Seal



The DanEseal contains a passive RFID tag that enables RFID readers to communicate with the seal from a configurable distance that reaches up to 5 meters.

The RFID tag is embedded and integrated with the seal to allow a quick read of whether it is open, closed, or has been tampered with. The RFID tag can contain data identifying the cargo, the truck carrying it, and other information to help increase efficiency and enhance security.

The DanEseal spent many years in development while we ensured it had every anti-tamper feature possible. Compared to conventional mechanical seals, the low cost DanEseal is fully disposable and more environmentally friendly as it contains no battery.

The DanEseal will enhance the logistics operations of every customs and port authority, cargo handler, train operator, and stevedoring company the world over.

ISO 17712:2013 Compliant